Drivers need to be more watchful about senior pedestrians

Drivers need to be more watchful about senior pedestrians

Accident lawyer may focus more on mobility issues, weaker physique for senior fatalities on the road

Drivers need to be more watchful about senior pedestrians in Brooklyn and nearby neighborhoods to avoid unfortunate events on the road like fatal injuries. A recently published research shows that Brooklyn has seen the death of more senior citizens over the last ten years than other boroughs. The report from Tri-State Transportation campaign shows that since 2003 till 2012, as many as 202 senior citizens (aging 60 and above) got fatally injured in Brooklyn after being hit by a car while they were walking. It is to be mentioned that those incidents accounted for almost 43 percent pedestrian fatalities in Brooklyn during that period despite the fact that the senior citizens make up only 16 percent of the population in that region. An accident lawyer may find the numbers quite interesting when it comes to dealing with a case in relation to pedestrian death by car.

Brooklyn saw more senior pedestrian deaths than other neighboring localities

One of the senior analysts with the transport Campaign Renata Silberblatt stated that according to the study, the senior citizens who are aged 60 and above are significantly more vulnerable than their younger counterparts as far as encountering a car crash is concerned. It is to be mentioned that tri-State Campaign is a nonprofit which is working to reduce car dependency. They have used data from the US Census Bureau and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to conduct the research under the title- “Older Pedestrians at Risk”. The study also shows that 155 pedestrians aging 60 or above lost their lives in Manhattan while being struck by vehicles followed by 152 senior citizens being killed in Queens and 79 in the Bronx. In Staten Island, 29 senior pedestrians died as they were hit by vehicles on the road.

Despite making up only 17.5 percent of the population in New York and nearby counties, seniors accounted for nearly 38 percent of pedestrian fatalities there according to the study which is quite alarming.

AARP reveals that mobility issues might be one of the primary reasons for the higher senior pedestrian causalities as they are naturally slower while crossing the street. In addition to that, lower bone density and other physical vulnerabilities might be responsible for causing greater injuries to the seniors which leads to death. When it comes to a pedestrian fatality, an accident lawyer might take these under consideration to determine the legal implications for the driver of an automobile that was directly involved in the accident. Although any pedestrian fatality is unfortunate regardless of the victim’s age, the death of a younger person and a senior fatality might be approached differently considering the fact that a senior citizen may suffer significantly greater injuries if involved in a minor accident which can be taken into account by a court of law. However, under any circumstances, drivers need to remain alert all the time and should watch out for the pedestrians particularly if the person walking on the street is a senior citizen. Naturally they will be slower and more vulnerable on the road and therefore requires more attention.

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