Different sources, where you can find an accident attorney.

Different sources, where you can find an accident attorney.


Your decision to hire a personal injury accident attorney is followed by another major decision. This concerns the source where you can find an accident attorney. While there are a number of sources where you can get an attorney, but it is difficult to ascertain who is the best one. Here are listed some of the sources, where people get a good attorney in most of the cases:

Ask your lawyer to suggest you accident attorney

The most obvious, simple and easy method will be visiting an attorney you trust or your personal attorney and seek her referral. There might be cases where your personal attorney wants to be even your accident attorney, but keep in mind that a specialist is always the better person than a general practitioner in such cases. If you do not have a personal lawyer, ask your friends and relatives to suggest an accident attorney hired by them who they trust. Every accident case is different. Hire a lawyer who is able to handle your accident case. An attorney should be talented enough to comprehend legalities involved in your case. At times, even accident attorneys refer other attorneys who are the specialist in specific accident cases. You might be not aware that attorneys receive fees, entitled ‘referral fees’ in a case where they send accident cases to other law firms. This might not concern you but if you are uncomfortable with the lawyer referred, you can always back out.

Lawyer Referral Services for auto accident attorneys

Most of the State Bar offers a referral service. This service helps people in finding their attorney. The practice here is any lawyer can register in the data for the referral service. Hence, this might not be the right source to get your personal injury lawyer, who can ably handle your case. In many states, there exist specialty institutions, which provide online directories of the lawyer membership.

Lawyers with noteworthy personal injury practice become the members of such directories. However, you cannot ensure their background just based on the membership. You should always select those directories that are not free of cost, but charge a fee for the membership.

Online lawyer directories for accident attorney

There exist various commercial directories on the internet with a huge data of attorneys. Many such directories claim that they screen the attorneys for offering membership to their data. Others even claim that they list only qualified attorneys in their data. There is no method to know whether what they are claiming is true. The negative side of such directories is that they might offer membership to all those who are ready to pay the required fees.

Television or Radio Advertisements for auto accident lawyers

The word of caution is that television or radio advertisements are the wrong way to search an attorney. Most of the ads are paid ones by the referral agencies. Not only attorneys but also even products cannot be judged just based on the commercials. One should be able to find the difference between the truth and false. When you see an advertisement of an attorney, ask for the referrals. Make sure do not choose an attorney based on the proximity of their office to your home/office. An attorney is to be chosen by his experience to handle the cases, rather than the charged fees or the address.

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