Citi Bike May Have To Pay $15M Due To A Lawsuit Filed Against Them

Citi Bike May Have To Pay $15M Due To A Lawsuit Filed Against Them

New York City and Citi Bike are confronting a $15 million claim documented by a Connecticut man, who was included in a bicycle mishap that left him with traumatic wounds.

Corwin is asking for a significant amount of money
The previous seat of Zoning Commission and Westport Planning, Ron Corwin, leased a Citi Bike at E. 56th Street’ and Madison Avenue on October 25, 2013, when he flipped over the front wheel in the wake of hitting a low obstruction as he was leaving the docking station.

Corwin was not wearing a cap (helmet) at the time of the mischance.
Corwin was hospitalized and accordingly endured traumatic nerve paralysis, making him never again have the capacity to taste and smell. His specializes dread it might be changeless.

The city has since painted the hindrance orange and put a development cone beside it.
Corwin is looking for receiving $15 million as a result of his injuries.
This case once again highlights the importance of having a personal injury attorney who can protect you in such situation and enable you to get the maximum price you deserve under law circumstances. A lawyer knows workarounds of the law and can help you receive the required priority when it comes to dealing with the instance on your own.

Why it’s always wise to have a personal injury attorney
Big companies such as Citi Bike have a strong defense when it comes to cases like this and if you are willing to proceed on your own or with the aid of an inexperienced lawyer, then your chances of success are greatly diminished. However, an experienced attorney will ensure that your case is resolved within the shortest term possible and that you receive all or most of the part of your inquiry. You will only have to pay a certain fee once the trial is over and the sentence is favorable to you. You won’t have to pay anything in the case where your opponents win.

Thus, even if you haven’t suffered from a personal injury event yet, it’s always good to resort to the services of an attorney in the branch since he will help you understand more about how the system works and provide you with the much-needed assistance in the case where an unpleasant event arises. It is always wise to be prepared ahead of time.
If you have suffered an injury recently, then you may be apt for compensation, case in which is truly advised to the consultation provided by an attorney as to find out more about your options and understand the average amount of money you may be able to receive according to your case.

You can always request a free consultation from a personal injury attorney who will carefully review your case and provide you with the much-needed advice. Keep in mind that in most cases the attorney will be paid a commission from your overall earnings, hence the reason why he will do everything he can as to help you. You are free to request a consultation whenever desired.

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