Car Accident And Judgment News In Brooklyn

Car Accident And Judgment News In Brooklyn


Accidents are sometimes unavoidable and no one sees them coming. Since no one will ever be in a position to predict when they might be involved in an accident, it is important for everyone to ensure that they are well-prepared. One such of preparing oneself is by making sure that one has the contacts of one’s personal lawyers. If one is a resident of New York, one needs to make sure he or she has contacts to at least one car accident lawyer New York.

Recent car accidents

The New Year is still very young and almost a week ago, there was an accident in Brooklyn. The vehicles involved in this accident were a public transport Brooklyn bus and a BMW. Although it is not up to witnesses to determine who was guilty, the BMW ran straight into the bus which was packed by the roadside. This accident left a total of 25 people injured with three of those being in a critical condition. The three were from the BMW and it is expected that the BMW was the one destroyed more as compared to the bus. If the two drivers are to stand a chance of receiving their compensations, they must certainly contact the services of a car accident lawyer New York.

Car accident injuries that a car accident lawyer New York might pursue

There are several ways of ensuring that the victims of car accidents get compensated. The parties involved, for example, might decide to settle out of court. Should there be no amicable solution outside the court, the parties involved will be required to battle it out in a court of law. The judgments made in the courts of law are determined by the amount of injuries caused and sustained by those who caused and the victims of the accident respectively. Some of the common injuries that have been experienced in car accidents in New York include but not only limited to arm injuries, back injuries, amputation injuries and leg injuries. All these injuries are liable to compensation depending on the extent of those injuries.

An accident case judgment that was reversed

There are times when the court rulings might not be favorable to either side involved in the accident and there is always room to file an appeal. A good example is when a court of law in New York found the defendant liable of causing the accident and was required by the ruling to pay for the past suffering and medical expenses. This was in 1996 and the victim wanted more so their accident lawyer appealed for more compensation. The lawyer was seeking for compensation to his client on future pain and suffering that might come to be because of the accident. Luckily, the ruling was in their favor and the victim was compensated with $10000 that included a non-fixed rate for future pain and suffering.


The victim would however not have been able to receive all that compensation had not been for the good car accident lawyer. It is, therefore, advised that everyone gets their own personalized car accident lawyer, since no one knows when they might need the services of one.

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