Car accident claims the life of an 8-year-old at Bronx

Car accident claims the life of an 8-year-old at Bronx

A car accident lawyer may soon get involved to explore the legal issues

A tragic accident has claimed the life of an 8-year-old and left five others injured. The accident took place right in front of a Bronx elementary school on last Friday afternoon after a vehicle jumped a curb and struck several people nearby causing fatal injuries. One girl was taken to the St. Barnabas Hospital with critical injuries who later died. Another girl was rushed to the Jacobi Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The four adults who got injured during the accident were admitted to the St. Barnabas and were in stable condition. So apparently there is no possibility of further fatality from the incident apart from the death of the 8-year-old girl. It is to be mentioned that it is not clear whether the girl who lost her life in the accident was a student of that elementary school. A car accident lawyer may get involved as well to explore the legal issues associated with the accident.

According to NYPD, the Honda Accord was driven by a 55 year old woman who kept her vehicle parked nearby the school where the incident took place. The vehicle unexpectedly went into reverse, hitting six individuals including two 8-year-old girls and four adults. A 10-year old boy, who happens to be a student of the same school described that he heard a car screeching followed by loud screaming. Another 9-year old described that kids were screaming and there were injured adults and kids on the street. It was a horrific experience. The whole incident was even more unfortunate and terrifying considering the fact that it took place right in front of an elementary school filled with young students and their parents. An incident like this will surely leave long term impact on many of them.

Carmen Farina, the chancellor of the school in her statement expressed deep shock and sympathy due to the loss of life. The school authority is monitoring the proceedings closely and working with the NYPD who is currently investigating the accident, she added. Guidance counselors were present on the spot to assist any student or parent who might need support and professional counseling after witnessing such a horrific accident. Often incidents like these leave deep scars in children’s mind and should be dealt with maximum care.

The 55-year-old female driver remained on the spot and was not arrested. However, it was reported that the driver did try to escape the scene but was restrained by a witness who was also terrified and shocked by the accident. A car accident lawyer may come into assistance for the ones who were involved in the accident. This will determine what is going to happen to the 55-year old driver and how the injured kid and adults will be compensated. There are many lawyers available at Bronx who can shed more light on the legal implications. Whether the school authority should have taken further steps to prevent such a horrific incident may also come under consideration during the investigation.

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