Car Accident Attorney: More to Meet the Eye Than a Fender-Bender

Car Accident Attorney: More to Meet the Eye Than a Fender-Bender

An early morning trip on the highway near Brooklyn nearly cost one man his life when due to a minor traffic collision cars were stopped and waiting to be diverted to other avenues. Unfortunately, in the short time that the computer was sitting waiting for traffic to be cleared, the driver of a big rig pulling two trailers full of grapes to a nearby grocery store failed to heed the warning to stop, instead of slamming into the commuter and seven other vehicles. Making matters worse, the truck burst into flames and killed the rig driver, in full view of the other victims, causing many of these to suffer from PTSD. Cut and dried, right? Wrong.

Injuries and Off Work

Not only was the commenter injured in the accident, but he lost his vehicle, which was totaled, along with all of the other drivers. And since he had no transportation, he could not attend work and lost a significant amount of his wages.
Not long after the accident, the insurance company for the driver contacted all of the victims in the accident to let them know that they could file their claims for their losses with the company. Unfortunately, presumably, after all of the losses were added up, the insurance company could not be reached for further action, supposedly ending any chance of settlements with the insurer.

Car Accident Attorney: Not So Fast

Angry over his inability to reach anyone who would discuss his claim, from the insurance company or the truck’s owner, the commuter reached out to a car accident attorney for help. After an initial consultation, the attorney determined that the truck driver and his employer were fully at fault in the accident, a conclusion that was fully supported by the police report. It was at this point that the car accident attorney filed suit against the driver’s employer for the loss of the commuter’s car as well as medical expenses and lost wages. And since the commuter had witnessed the immolation of the driver’s there was also a claim for therapy due to PTSD.

Fault? What Fault?

Strangely, the attorney for the grocery firm acknowledged the company’s liability in all but the commuter’s case. It is thought that this was done in a strategic move, but the commuter’s attorney refused the company’s logic, pressing forward for a settlement. It was not until the commuter’s attorney prepared a case for the defendant’s employer and their representative attorney that the liability issue was acknowledged. Further, the claim for the damages due to PTSD were substantiated by the commuter’s psychologist, who kept careful records of his treatment sessions in the time since the accident.

Faced with the overwhelming volume of medical and psychological records as well as those related to the facts of the accident, the plaintiff’s attorney was able to secure a settlement for his client. Not only was his car replaced, but his lost wages were reimbursed, medical expenses were paid, the funds for the continuation of psychological treatments for the PTSD issues were continued.

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