Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: The Old Men and the 19-Year-Old

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: The Old Men and the 19-Year-Old

A 19-year-old Brooklyn man had just dropped off his older brother to run an errand and proceeded to a nearby gas station for fuel. As he was pulling into the gas station, however, he was struck from the rear by a vehicle driven by a senior male and another male friend. The younger man got out of his car, panicked as this was his first traffic accident. The two older men refused to even get out of their vehicle, much less produce any identification about themselves. Instead, they even refused to get out of the vehicle. Fearing that they would leave, the young man took down the license plate number of the older men’s vehicle.

Soon, the police arrived and took statements of the driver as well as the young man. All the while, the older men stated that the accident was not their fault and that since the 19-year-old was “too young to be driving” he should not have even been in the roadway. Regardless, the police insisted that the older men were at fault and needed to provide them with their license and insurance information. Only after their insistance did the older men do so.

Even though the words were never said, the officers did notice the smell of alcohol on the breaths of the older men. Suspicions arose as a result, that they were trying to avoid getting too far into their responsibility for the accident so that their alcohol tests would not be taken.

By coincidence, a man standing nearby took pity on the young driver and the obvious concern he had about this being his first accident, and not wanting to see him bamboozled by the old men. As a result, he introduced himself to the young man as a Brooklyn car accident attorney, and said that he wanted to help him, which he did, taking his own notes from what he had observed and what had been told to him by both drivers.

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: The Battle Resumes

No sooner had the men who had rear-ended the young driver returned to their home than they had filed a claim with their insurance company for their damages. Further, when the insurance investigator asked about the particulars of the accident, the driver insisted that the young man was too young to be driving and was therefore responsible for the accident.

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: Case Closed

Lie and evade as much as they want, the Brooklyn car accident attorney wouldn’t stand by until his unofficial client had been repaid for his losses. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before the attorney went to work with the men’s insurance company to fix the problem, with or without the client. The facts of the case remained the facts, a settlement demand was made in writing and the insurance company determined that their client was a fault, regardless of how the men felt about the situation. The Brooklyn car accident attorney refused to stand by while the young man was railroaded, and proved that he would stick by him until the very end.

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