A Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Can Handle Wrongful Death Cases

A Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Can Handle Wrongful Death Cases

In many instances a car accident can be deadly. The worst part of these deadly cases is that in many cases the death may have been completely avoidable. This can especially be evidenced through the way how many moves could have been made by another party in order to prevent an accident or to at least keep the accident from being as traumatic as it could have been. A car accident attorney in Brooklyn may be available to help those who have been impacted by such fatal occurrences.

A recent instance of a car accident attorney taking care of such a case as this can be found in New York. At attorney representing the estate of James McNair was able to reach an out-of-court settlement with Wal-Mart over the accident that killed McNair. A Wal-Mart truck ran into the limo van that was carrying McNair and his friend and comedian Tracy Morgan in 2014. The accident killed McNair and left Morgan with a serious brain injury.

The biggest concern here is that the accident could have been preventable. It had been found in a full review that the driver of the Wal-Mart van was fatigued and was forced into driving even when he had become tired and unable to drive the vehicle to his best potential. This made it to where he was more likely to cause an accident. This eventually led to the fatal wreck.

The issue made it to where an attorney could hold the retail giant liable for the damages caused by the wreck. It eventually led to the out-of-course settlement that provided the McNair estate with the proper compensation for his death and the damages that were caused by it.

While the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, it is clear that the services of the car accident attorney were critical with regards to ensuring that the McNair family would receive justice. This is thanks to how the attorney was able to prepare a deal with Wal-Mart to ensure that the case would be resolved in a timely fashion.

This is critical for all in the Brooklyn area to understand as there are always possibilities for a wreck to be fatal. The fact is that in many cases wrecks like these can be prevented and that sometimes a wreck that did happen could have been much less significant in terms of its damages had some changes been made in order to keep the wreck from being deadly.

A wrongful death case can easily be filed by a lawyer in the event that the auto wreck in question ends up being deadly. This is important as there are always possibilities for wrecks to be like this but an attorney can help with bringing justice and compensation to the right parties in the event that an accident ends up being deadly in any form. This can be critical for all people to understand and review as an attorney may be hired to take care of more than just cases where the people survived a wreck.

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