Auto accidents are avoided if driver is attentive

Auto accidents are avoided if driver is attentive

Negligent and rash driving of the drivers are the major reasons for auto accident cases in many countries. Protecting the clients’ rights is exactly done by the Brooklyn, New York lawyers. The client was traveling on the road in his bike on a sunny summer day without any influence of drinks. He was riding his bike up the hill to have a meal with his family members after the work on the dry road. His speed of driving was very normal and did not exceed the maximum limit. He noticed an SUV that was parked down the hill facing opposites. The driver of the SUV was not taking care on vehicles traveling on the road and involved in conversation with someone without listening to anyone on the road. When the client was driving near to the SUV, the driver of the SUV suddenly took a U turn very suddenly and hit the client very harshly. This made the client to suffer a fracture in his pelvis area and had severe face injuries with multiple scratches. His hand was also had severe bleeding and one of his fingers had broken.

This case was brought to the auto accident lawyers Brooklyn, New York with a lot of expectations. The case was analyzed in all sides and the main reasons were listed. The driver’s rash turn and inattentive approach were the main reasons for the accident. Hence, the case was sued against the SUV owner and the insurance company that denied giving the insurance amount to the plaintiff. This case was brought to the court by the plaintiff with the help of the lawyers. However, the case was adjourned due to the opposite party’s absence. This was going on for many instances until the plaintiff made a strong appeal in the court. The plaintiff’s query was heard strongly by the court and the opposite party was summoned.

Role of auto accident lawyer is inevitable

On a one fine day, the court had the case with all people involved in the case. The insurance company was present in the court during the case proceedings. The insurance company strongly denied compensating the client without strong base. Hence, the auto accident lawyer defeated all the false statements of the insurance company and the SUV owner by stating the exact things at the court. The judge ordered the insurance to pay a sum of 2.5 million dollars as compensation to the client for the medical expenses and mental embarrassment. Also, the clients’ family received solace by means of exact judgment in a short period of time. The insurance company was severely criticized by the court and advised all companies not to involve in anti customer activities. Also, these companies were told to disburse pending compensation to the customers without dragging g them. The court ordered the police to take stringent actions against the rash and inattentive driving on the road and told to support the sufferers at once they met with the accident. It also applauded the role of the lawyers in this case and backed their arguments.

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