Auto Accident Statistics in New York

Auto Accident Statistics in New York

Almost every night, the news reports a fresh case of auto accidents on the streets of New York. Home to at least eight million people, the streets of New York might be becoming unsafe due to traffic congestion and reckless drivers.

On December 12, The New York Post reported the story of a 9-year old girl who was hit by a car in Brooklyn. The accident happened at Avenue U. Bystanders told the police that the girl, who was seen at the McDonald Avenue standing with her grandmother, suddenly ran into the traffic and was hit by a vehicle. She was immediately brought to the Lutheran Hospital. The driver, on the other hand, was not charged.

Similarly, the news of the Brooklyn mother who was struck by a minivan widely circulated due to the fatality of the incident. Sara Friedman was put into the coma and the birth of her daughter was induced. Meanwhile, her elder daughter who was with her during the time of the accident died due to injuries sustained from the accident.

Friedman and her daughter were hit by a minivan driven by Bilan Ghumman, 22 years old, of West 22nd Street in Brooklyn. Ghumman took the car to buy a pack of cigarettes. He hit Friedman and her daughter when he made a left to the 60th Street. Ghumman remained on the accident scene. The cops made him took a breathalyzer test but there was no alcohol in his system. However, he was charged with unauthorized use of the vehicle and for violating his standing warrant for a marijuana-related offense.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn

Such news is the unwelcome part of our daily lives but they consist the reality that we are living in. Although unfortunate, one has to know how to deal with the authorities and what to do in such cases. When this happens to you, you will need to find a good auto accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are being protected and due process is being observed.

One is not really safe while he or she is on the road. Most of the car crash news in Brooklyn involves a pedestrian or another car which is safely driving by. No matter how careful you are behind the wheels, no one can tell if a reckless driver will cross your path.

In New York City alone, the Department of Motor Vehicles has recorded a total of 8, 386 car crashes for the year 2013. Almost four hundred of these were considered as fatal incidents while at least 3,000 resulted in severe property damage.

Of 387 fatalities due to a car crash, 214 cases were recorded for accidents that killed the driver, while 98 cases were listed for accidents that killed pedestrians.

Further, if at least 8000 car crashes in New York, 4,690 were listed as single vehicle crashes while 2,911 involved two vehicles.

No one wishes for an accident. An accident is a summary of circumstances and the truth is you can never be too careful. It is best to keep a contact with an auto accident lawyer so that you’ll have someone to call if you get involved in a car crash.

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