Auto Accident Statistics – What You Need To Know

Auto Accident Statistics – What You Need To Know

Auto accidents occur in each and every part of the world on almost daily basis. In fact, it has been reported that every hour 6-10 minor accidents take place in some or the other part of the world. Unfortunately, most of these minor accidents can even lead to major personal injuries and high repair cost.

In this post, we’ve tried to assimilate some useful statistics on auto accidents to help you stay informed about potential complexities and dangers associated with them. If you are a victim of personal injury due to accidents, you might want to discuss these statistics with your personal injury lawyer. Studies have shown that accidents that occur at a speed of slow as 5 miles per hour, can also cause serious neck injuries. On the other hand, high speed accidents can damage the car, as well as cause fatality.

Are Injuries Prevalent Right Away?

It should be noted that not all personal injuries that occur in an auto accident, may come into notice immediately. n most cases, the signs and symptoms of internal injuries may even develop after a few weeks or even months after the injury. Irrespective of when and how the signs and symptoms of the injury are recognized, you can still be entitled for personal injury claim. Studies have shown that the symptoms can stay for as long as months, or even years.

Auto Accident Statistics In Brooklyn

There are a number of t statistics reported submitted on auto accidents in Brooklyn. Here are some details from the latest statistics on accidents in the Brooklyn, New York.

● As per the latest reports submitted by Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), approximately 10,570,000 auto accident cases were reported in the year 2012.
● 40% of the total automobile accidents that occur in a year result in fatalities.
● In the year 2012, more than 3,625,756 personal injuries were reported in ER due to the collision between car and other vehicle.
● More than 59% of the reported cases occur because the driver does not wear seat belt at the time of driving.
● 82% of the fatalities that were reported in the year 2013 involved rollovers.
● 17,419 of the fatalities in the year 2011 were due to drunken driving.
● Statistically speaking, every person who drives is reported to be involved in at least one accident in his lifetime.
● 26% of the total drivers in Brooklyn were involved in some or the other kind of auto accident in the last five years

A lot of thinking has been put into what can be done to reduce the risks of fatalities and personal injuries due to automobile accidents. Automobile accidents statistics clearly show that most of the accidents occur when the driver is drunk or distracted. The following are some reasons along with factual statistics by National Highway Safety Traffic Administration that show the level of distractions and how they impact victims.

● 81% – talking to passengers
● 66% – playing with the music player.
● 49% – eating or drinking
● 25% – texting or messaging on a cellular phone

If you or someone you know has been recently involved in an auto accident, causing severe injuries, it would be a wise decision to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who deals with accidents related cases. A reputed and experienced personal injury lawyer can give you some good advice about your rights and suggest valuable solutions.

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