Auto Accident Attorney: A Misplaced “Offender”

Auto Accident Attorney: A Misplaced “Offender”

Most people believe that when they are involved in a collision with a stationary object it is their fault, with no remedy available, right? Not necessary. Now enter the fact that a driver who has recently collided with a stationary object had been drinking. That pretty much wraps up any claim that person might have, correct? No again.

Enter the Dumpster, and an Auto Accident Attorney

It happens that one-night last year a gentleman who had been out to a party with friends one night and had even had “one too many” was involved in a collision with a stationary object in the form of a dumpster. Yes. You read that right. A dumpster.

The sad truth is that on the way to the party goer’s home was an enclosed section to the side of his driveway intended for said dumpster, but for reasons that remain unexplained, the disposal company delivered an empty dumpster earlier in the day, but neglected to replace the dumpster in the enclosure where it was normally secured.

The party goer made it all the way home safely, except in the turn to make it into his garage he turned around a blind corner and collided with the dumpster. The party goer suffered minor injuries, as did his car. The dumpster emerged from the incident unscathed.

End of Story, Right?

Wrong. Besides receiving a major tongue-lashing from his wife, the party goer was forced to miss two days of work due to pain in his lower back, neck, and shoulders. Unfortunately, until he discussed his accident with a friend, he thought that his alcohol-induced mishap–not to mention a lack of another driver–would make it impossible for him to recover any damages, but after their discussion, he contacted an auto accident attorney, who helped him evaluate his case.

It turned out that since the dumpster was left in a place where it was not intended to be left and where the driver would not have expected it to be–not to mention being a blind corner–an accident attorney was able to recover damages from the disposal firm to cover his losses. In fact, after an investigation had been completed, and with the accident attorney’s help, it was determined that the fact that the driver was legally intoxicated, no reasonable person would have expected the dumpster to be left where it was and would have been able to stop in time to prevent an accident.

Fortunately, although it was initially doubtful that the driver would have been able to collect damages due to his intoxicated state, with the help of an auto accident attorney, damages were collected from the disposal company that had left the dumpster where it was inadvertently found by the driver. The point of this is even when you think that you might not have a case, whether you know that you were at fault, or maybe there wasn’t even another person involved in an accident, you might still have a good case. Only a consultation with an accident attorney will determine the facts.

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