Accident Attorney NYC: $62 Million Awarded As Compensation to a Construction Accident Victim

Accident Attorney NYC: $62 Million Awarded As Compensation to a Construction Accident Victim

An immigrant construction worker was involved in a construction accident while at work in Brooklyn area, New York which left him with serious injuries. Other than being bruised, his brain was severely damaged, something which caused him immense pain and suffering which also cut short his promising career in the building industry. His future was without doubt bleak and uncertainty started creeping in. He consulted an experienced accident attorney NYC who took up the case and filed for compensation against his employer. As expected, the employer mounted a strong defense which was meant to reduce the amount of compensation which the injured construction worker would receive or even prevent him from being compensated at all.

The employee was working when he fell from a roof that was 20 meters high. As at the time of his fall, the employer had not provided him with safety and protection equipment which amounted to breach of duty to guarantee the safety of their employees. The accident left the employee’s brain damaged and his attorneys sought compensation for the suffering, mental anguish, the need for current and future medical attention and lost income.

How did the Accident Attorney NYC arrive at the compensation amount?

Justice was served as the injured construction worked was paid $62 million in compensation. Of this amount, $42 million was for suffering and future pain while $20m million was for the suffering which the injured person suffered from the time he was injured until when the compensation was awarded.

What does this award mean to employers?

This huge award for compensation serves to remind employers about the importance of taking the safety of their employees seriously. They need to provide them with the necessary safety equipment which could help them prevent serious injuries in scenarios where unavoidable accidents occur. Employers who don’t provide their employees with the necessary protective gear can be held accountable if something wrong happens. It is a reminder that they have to face the consequences of failing in their expected responsibilities towards the people the employ.

Without doubt, construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work in and if no proper safety protocols are put in place, there is more likelihood that the employees will be placed in serious danger. The injured immigrant construction worker could have been provided with the necessary safety harness. It’s a clear warning to employers who are shirking their responsibilities. The long period which it took for the case to be completed and compensation awarded is a clear testimony as to why working with a reputable accident attorney NYC can be the difference between being awarded a decent compensation or losing out completely.

Handling the tricky part

Perhaps, one of the trickiest part when dealing with construction accidents is that there are several parties who are involved for the injury of one employee. It could be the manufacturer of the protective equipment, the person who erected the platform or failure by the employer to provide the worker with a protective gear. It takes an experienced and dedicated accident attorney NYC to determine where the blame squarely lies. Also, there are important timelines which should be taken into consideration as well as technical standards that should be met.

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