Accident Attorney in New York Shares Insights on Window Washers’ Accident

Accident Attorney in New York Shares Insights on Window Washers’ Accident

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2014 — New York City Fire Fighters rescued a group of window washers at One World Trade Center. The incident happened at 12:45 in the afternoon. According to reports, the housekeeping employees had already finished their chores and were about to troop back to the 104th floor when suddenly, the machine that is operating the cable and scaffolding became loose, thereby making the platform to shake sideways.

Fortunately, the firefighters were able to go through the glass near the window washers. In the end, the rescue team was able to pull the workers in a safe area. The victims who suffered minor injuries were treated by the medical staff of the rescue team.

Who is at fault?

After rescuing the victims, an obvious question was raised, “Who is at fault?”

Tractel, the firm that constructed the scaffolding refused to give comments. Meanwhile, Upgrade Services has released a statement, stating that the grip lifts brake machine that supports one side of the rig malfunctioned.

The company praised their training and safety personnel for pacifying the victims while waiting for the rescue team. As of the moment, there are still no official reports.

An Accident Attorney Comments on the Issue

A New York Construction Accident lawyer expressed his thoughts about the incident.

He said that it is fortunate that the window washers were rescued immediately and did not incur fatal injuries. However, he stressed that the workers must have been suffering from mental stress after the accident. He added that hopefully, this incident will reveal how unsafe these jobs are.

The lawyer also mentioned that this is the reason why construction industries are quite strict when it comes to their rules and regulations. He also urged the construction industry to continue protecting their workers.

As an accident lawyer, he has already handled a lot of incidents such as this one. He said that even if you take necessary precautions, accidents can really happen. In this case, he said that the workers need the expertise of a legal professional.

Why do workers need an accident lawyer?

The accident attorney explained that lawyers like him can defend workers in the event that their insurance company refuses to give the compensation that they deserve. Lawyers in this field can also hold any party accountable for the accident. Attorneys with this expertise can provide all the necessary documents and evidence in order to defend the worker’s case.

He reminded the public that consulting an accident lawyer is free. The client will only need to pay when he or she wins the case. He ensures that the workers will be defended rightfully if they consult an accident lawyer.

The attorney from New York said that he, along with his colleagues can always be contacted in case the workers need their assistance. They have extensive experience in the specific field and have adequate knowledge about all the rules that govern injury as well as accident-related cases. For the last time, he encouraged all workers who have suffered from accidents to entrust their case to attorneys like him.

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