Clients want meaningful results. Our goal is to achieve those results through dedication, hard work and total commitment to professional excellence. With years of experience in NY personal injury, including auto accidents (New York no-fault law accident cases) and medical malpractice, we have litigated cases throughout the entire state of NY. The Attorneys that work at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. are well versed and experienced.

Our mission

Our mission at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. is to provide each client with a dedicated, personalized professional service. We understand that you might need our services based on an accident that might not be entirely your fault. Henceforth our lawyers will handle your case with sensitivity and intelligence.


For years, the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. with its skilled New York medical malpractice attorneys, accident attorneys, and many other attorneys, has provided its clients with steadfast support and service. Our clients have always been, and will continue to be, the hallmark of our firm. With your interests in mind, we will seek to rapidly and efficiently resolve the anxiety and uncertainty of charges having been filed against you with our adept team of accident attorneys, medical malpractice attorney etc. Our lawyers in New York City whether he is an accident attorney or just another sharp, tough-as-nails lawyer, will assist you in trying to resolve a case without trial.

What we do

Besides medical malpractice cases, the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C., also specializes in New York divorce cases and vehicle accident No-Fault law. New York’s no-fault law is a bit different then in other parts of the country. There are many grounds for divorce in New York, which is why you should contact Tanya Gendelman, NY no-fault divorce attorney, to assess all of your options so we can help you make the best decision for your situation.

We understand the anxiety and uncertainty that is often caused by these life-shattering events. By closely communicating with each person who entrusts such important matters to us we inspire confidence and assurance in their cause. When you talk to one of our personal injury attorneys about your no-fault accident case, or one of our family law attorneys about your New York no-fault divorce case, you will receive the care and attention that you deserve. Since we know Spanish and Russian as well, we can speak about these sensitive matters in the language most comfortable to you.

While we respect the positions taken by our adversaries we are relentless in our pursuit of the truth and obtaining the best possible result as each case allows. If our opponents decide against settling your case on a basis that you find acceptable, we pledge that we will seek the collective determination of a jury in the time-honored tradition of American jurisprudence.


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