About New York No Fault Law

About New York No Fault Law

The New York no-fault law is one of the best laws in the New York
states. The law, as the name suggest, advocates for compensation when an
automobile accident has occurred regardless of who the blame is
directed to. The people who are eligible to benefit under the law
include the drivers of the vehicles involved in an accident and their
passengers. The vehicles involved in the accident are also covered under
the law. The pedestrians and the bicyclists are also covered hence
needs to benefit from the law when an accident occurs and they are
involved. But all motor vehicles need to receive insurance cover for the
no fault law before the above people can benefit from the law. This
makes work easier if the vehicles are registered under the no fault law.
The no fault law New York helps the people involved in the accident to
receive a segment of the financial losses incurred during the accident.
The reimbursement received includes the medical expenses the person
incurred, the lost earnings and the travel expenses among other expenses

No Fault Insurance Law New York

The no fault insurance law New York is contained in the no fault law
and does not depend on who the blame lies on the as one who caused the
accident. In order to be eligible to receive compensation under the no
fault law, the accident must occur within the New York state. All
accidents occurring outside the state are not compensated for. The
vehicle must be covered under the law, has an insurance policy and must
be registered in New York. The person who receives the benefits includes
the driver, passengers and the pedestrians or anyone hit by the vehicle
including bicyclist.

Making a no fault claim

The New York state no fault law benefits are always provided by the
insurance company that covers the vehicle. All the vehicles sold in New
York must be covered by an insurance company. Once an accident has
occurred, the insurance company is contacted and a full report on all
financial losses incurred is submitted to the company. The drivers,
passengers and pedestrians are required to make the claim within thirty
days failure to which they lose the benefits. The law does not apply
outside the New York state hence any accident in another state is not
compensated for by the insurance company. The no fault law do not also
cover for the pain and injuries suffered during the accident, it is
beyond the New York state no fault law and should be filed separately. A
person receives medical expenses incurred during the accident from the
insurance company if he or she presents the bill from clinical facility
where attended. The person can also tell his or her doctor to submit the
bill if he or she is unable to do it due to the injuries suffered. For
the loss of earnings, the employer must notify the company in time or
else the person involved in the accidents loses the benefits. In case of
disabilities, a note from your doctor must be submitted so that it can
support your claim hence avoid losing your earning benefits from the no
fault insurance law New York company.

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