9 Injured and 2 Killed in Trailer Accident

9 Injured and 2 Killed in Trailer Accident

A car crash happened today where 9 people were injured while other 2 were killed, which involved 9 other vehicles. The horrific scene occurred on Route 222 right in Berks County. In fact, the car accident happened about 5:30 am close to Route 73 in front of Maidencreek Township` Dunkin’ Donuts store.

“Two cars happened to be waiting in the parking lot which was struck by a tractor trailer when the vehicle veered over them after impacting two other vehicles on Route 222”, said Scott Eaken, Regional Police Department`s chief in Northern Berks.

The tractor was said to be heading southbound when it impacted two cars on the street. John Adams, District Attorney of Berks County, said that they want to find out how fast the tractor was at the time of the accident, but Police has luck as the entire accident was caught on video.

The tractor driver did not try to slow down or stop before the accident as the surveillance video at Dunkin’ Donuts indicates, some officials said.

A police officer that works at Northern Berks Regional witnessed the scene as he was parked near the place, and then he called for some emergency crews to respond to this scene which included a medical helicopter.

Officials Did Not Provide Enough Details

The tractor driver and other eight injured individuals were taken to a hospital right away, while the two people who were killed were really trapped in their vehicles, some officials said. Police had the trucker undergo a simple blood test, some officials said though they were not allowed to talk about the extent of the other persons` injuries.

In addition, Police has not released any name of the people who were involved in this car crash. A police helicopter has been used to get some aerial views of the scene, which includes wrecked vehicles spread on both Street’s sides and even on their roofs.
Officials have added that the street where the accident occurred will remain closed in both directions for most of the day.

Robyn Hoffmaster did not realize which vehicle hit her.

An accident attorney needs to kick In.

“I just saw a vehicle like a tractor or a trailer in the air after being hit from behind” Hoffmaster added after witnessing the crash that involved nine vehicles. The tractor rammed a vehicle line that was heading south on Route 73 right on the traffic signal, and then the vehicle careened into some vehicles that were heading north before it stroke the Dunkin’ Donuts`s sign placed along the highway, witnesses and police said.

Hoffmaster had her truck hit from behind while heading to her job at Lititz. She was talking about the crash from Dunkin’ Donuts, where people could see the wreckage a few feet away from the restaurant`s windows. She thought to be right in the middle of a crash, so she pulled to the right as much as she could.

After the crash, she also realized her car was the first one the truck hit. A cab was on top of 3 other vehicles in the wreckage near the Dunkin’ sign. Police closed the Route 222, bringing traffic to a crawl right away, though this Street’s traffic is usually congested. The entire case needs the help of an accident attorney.

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