6 Killed in Two Car Accidents.

6 Killed in Two Car Accidents.

A 58-year old man was killed in a car accident when he lost control of his car on James River Bridge on November 19, 2014. David William was traveling in the right lane when his car hit a concrete wall. The accident left 5 pedestrians critically injured. According to the police investigations, David was either over speeding or under influence. Eyewitnesses alleged the major cause of the accident could be poor weather condition or poor state of the road.

The 5 pedestrians who were injured were taken to the nearby local hospital.

Violation of law.

The law clearly states that no person should operate the motor vehicle when under influence of drugs. If David was truly under influence of over-counter or prescription drugs when the accident, he will have violated the law.

Police preliminary investigations indicate that the driver was under influenced. The injured pedestrians are eligible to file injury lawsuit with DUI accident attorney. With proper legal representation, the injured pedestrians are likely to get compensation for damages that include;

Medical bills – the injured pedestrian are likely to get compensation for all the medical expenditures they have incurred.

Pain and suffering- the plaintiffs are likely to be compensated for the pain and discomforts they have endured. They are also likely to be compensated for the future detrimental effects as a result of the accident. Pain and suffering also involve mental pain and suffering such as emotional distress, mental anguish, fear, anger, anxiety, shock and loss of life enjoyment.

Lost wages – the plaintiffs are also likely to be compensated for lost wages.

In another incident, five people were killed in a tragic car crash in Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County on October 13, 2014. Police officers in Oxon Hill said that a Mercedes stopped at a traffic light was rear ended by an Acura near the intersection of Livingstone Terrace and Livingstone Road. A 21-year old Mercedes driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident while the four passengers in Acura were pronounced dead while receiving treatments at a nearby hospital. The four passengers who were killed are; 1-year old Hassan Boykin, 32-year old Typhany Wilkerson, 35-year old Tamika Curtis and 13-year old Khadija Ba, all of Washington.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the Acura was over speeding when the Mercedes driver instantly stopped. Police could not immediately reveal the driver who was at fault. However, the eyewitnesses agree the Acura driver was over speeding, and thus at fault. If the driver was at fault, the family of the Mercedes driver is entitled to file a lawsuit. It is very important to look for a wrongful death attorney who will be actively involved in the investigations, protect your rights and interests and also ensure you get fair compensation.

File a wrongful death lawsuit with the accident attorney.

If you have lost your loved one to a car accident, you are entitled to file wrongful death lawsuit with an accident lawyer. It is very important to file the lawsuit ASAP to ensure the witnesses and evidence are not interfered with. With a right legal representation, you are likely to get the compensation that will offer consolation and also enable you to live a better life.

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