5 dead, 10 kids left motherless after a Devastating Crash

5 dead, 10 kids left motherless after a Devastating Crash

New heart-breaking details have emerged following a grisly accident that left five dead and 10 children motherless in Brooklyn, New York yesterday. Among the dead were three children and two sisters aged between 30 and 35 years who unfortunately left behind 10 kids between them. According to an auto accident attorney at the scene, one of the women had eight children aged between six weeks and 7 years while the other one had two aged between 3 and 5 years. The family members were also called to the scene where they helped in identifying the bodies of the deceased and helped the police with some valuable information.

Accident happened at the intersections traffic light

The police report says that the women were driving home after spending some time doing laundry for their children in a nearby depot. The two were driving in an Acura in the company of two other adults and one child, who also died on the spot. The two other adults were seriously injured during the accident. According to the initial reports, the driver of the Acura stopped at a traffic light at an intersection before a Mercedes smashed into their car at around 10 a.m. Out of the five people in the Acura, two survived with serious injuries and were rushed to the nearby hospital. The three mothers were pronounced dead on the spot and their bodies transferred to a nearby funeral home.

Children left with an uncertain future but an auto accident attorney to pursue compensation

Two children passengers in the Mercedes Benz also died on the spot while a female passenger suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The driver of the Mercedes Benz escaped death narrowly. He was admitted to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries. According to the family spokesperson, the two sisters were always together and cared deeply for each other and it was unfortunate that the two had to die together and inside the same car. He noted that his family had already contacted an auto accident attorney to help them pursue compensation to help educate the young children considering they had already lost their bread winners and were thus at risk of experiencing a hard life ahead. “We are shocked beyond words. This has exposed the young kids to an uncertain future but we hope the insurance company will consider their plight and award a reasonable compensation to secure their future”, one of the family members was quoted saying.

The family has been trying to help the children understand what has happened while giving them assurance about their future. The family has put in place some plans for the funerals of the two mothers and one child while at the same time trying to map the future of those left motherless by this devastating accident. According to police reports, the accident might have been caused by adverse weather conditions and over speed but a conclusive report is yet to be released. Police have said they will be waiting for the driver of the Mercedes car to recover from his unconsciousness to help establish exactly what happened. Investigations are still underway and the two vehicles were towed away to clear the scene of the accident.

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