2 People Killed in 2 different Car Accidents

2 People Killed in 2 different Car Accidents

An 11 year old boy was killed in a fatal car accident on Sunday when his stepfather lost control of his vehicle causing multiple accidents. The accident left one killed and more than five critically injured. The 65 year-old Pollydore Anthony crashed into a streetlight in Brownsville. According to the police investigation, driving while under influence was the major cause of accident. Those who were injured were taken to a nearby a hospital for medical care.

“The blood alcohol level was far beyond the legal limit,” the police boss in Brooklyn said. The police boss said driving under influence was a major cause of increased accidents in Brooklyn. Anthony was arrested and charged for driving under influence. He will also face multiple charges that include; wrongful death and injury, driving under influence and drunken driving with a child. Those who were injured are entitled to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for damages incurred. With the right legal team, they are likely to be compensated for.

Medical expenses- they will be compensated for all the medical expenses incurred.

Lost earnings- those who incurred permanent injuries will be compensated for the lost wages.

Pain and suffering they have undergone directly associated to the accident.

In another accident, At least two people were injured after two vehicle crashed on Bottle Rock Road on Tuesday, 16th December 2014. The accident that involved a sedan and a pick-up track took place at 4;50 p.m when the pick driver lost control of his vehicle. According to the witnesses at the scene, the pick driver was over speeding and under influence.

Police investigations revealed that pick driver was over speeding before he lost control of his vehicle. The sedan driver said he will file a lawsuit against with accident attorney. With the right attorney, the driver is likely to receive compensation for; medical expenses, pain and suffering he has undergone.

In Texas, a woman was cleared on Monday for a fatal car accident that killed his husband in 2004 after GM (General Motors) acknowledged that the car she was driving is among the vehicles being recalled. Candice Anderson was driving when she suddenly lost control of her car and slammed into a tree. She was severely injured when the airbags failed to deploy while his husband who was a passenger was killed.

After the judgment, Anderson thanked her attorney who worked hard to prove her innocence. She admitted that without a good legal team, she was likely to face a jail term for killing her husband. The family will be compensated for wrongful death and injury by the General motors.

File a lawsuit with accident attorney

If you have lost your loved one or incurred car injuries, you are entitled to file a lawsuit. Car accident compensation claims should be left in the hands of an experienced accident attorney. Car accident injuries can have far reaching effects on your life. To ensure you get the adequate and fair, you should file a lawsuit as soon as possible. The attorney will secure evidences and ensure you get fair compensation.

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