Three People Injured in Car Accidents in Brooklyn, New York

Three People Injured in Car Accidents in Brooklyn, New York

Three people were seriously injured in car mishaps in Brooklyn, New York, Monday night. According to police reports, one man incurred serious injuries while two others got minor wounds.

Authorities added that the accident happened at the intersection point of Quentin Rd. and Ocean Pkwy. in Sheepshead Bay. Reportedly, silver Honda Sedan driver thumped into an Infiniti, banging the car towards a light pole at 7:06 p.m.

Authorities said that the 37-year-old man escaped from the car while it seized fire. The victim was brought to a medical center. He suffered serious burns. Police reports added that the doctors in the hospital declared his condition as critical.

Other Details of the Accident

There were people who saw the accident. One woman said that she heard a thunderous bang. Suddenly, she saw one man who was going out the car in flames. The woman said she was really shocked and did not know what to do. She described the victim as a zombie walking, filled with flames.

Another witness said that he screamed when he saw the man who was burning. All that he was able to do was to scream and ask for help.

A few seconds after the accident, a troop of people went to the accident scene and called the ambulance. The victim was rescued right away by a medical team and was sent to the nearest hospital.

The team of NYPD’s Collision Investigation department came to the accident scene to make further investigation.

In a separate car accident, two individuals were also rushed to the hospital after a two cars collided along Coney Island Avenue near Ave. O at 10 p.m. Police reported that the two victims were now in stable condition.

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

In the abovementioned car accidents, victims hired the services of a Brooklyn car accident lawyer. They need the services of a car accident lawyer to help them secure necessary and just compensation for the damages done to them.

They met with a car accident lawyer to discuss possible moves that they can use to start the appeal and to review the accidents anew. In this way, they will be able to see results as soon as possible.

Indeed, involvement with a car accident is not a simple situation. Victims must fully cooperate with their lawyer to resolve the issue at the soonest possible time. Victims must share the complete details of the accident with their chosen lawyer. They need to be honest and precise. Most importantly, they need to trust that their lawyer will give them the results that they deserve.

The car accident lawyers who were hired by the victims promised that they will work hard to reward just compensation to their clients. Meetings with concerned parties have already been set. Victims and other parties will discuss the issue. Lawyers are hoping that they will be able to arrive at a just and peaceful negotiation.

If, unfortunately, you got involved with a car accident, do not hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer in Brooklyn.

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