Spinal Cord Q & A

Spinal Cord Q & A

What is a spinal cord?

This is the part of the nervous system that stretches for about 18 inches. It starts from the base of your brain to the waist. It forms a basis where the nerves enter it at vertebral levels. The entrance of the nerves at the vertebral levels allows the body to communicate to different parts via the nerves and the spinal cord. In case your spinal cord is injured during an accident, you will lose coordination of the body.

What dos a spinal cord injury entail?

Spinal cord injury also appreciated as (SCI) is a trauma or damage to the vertebrae. After the vertebrae have been injured in an accident, it will end up affecting the spinal cord which in return affects the functioning of the body. The impairment of the spinal cord can affect feeling or movements of the body. This is due to the impairment of the coordination system which is the spinal cord.

What are vertebrae?

These are just rings of bones that are interconnected to form the vertebrae. The bones are located throughout the cervical vertebrae and the spine. This led them to be referred to as vertebrae. There is a total of 7 vertebrae in the neck region referred cervical vertebrae. Thoracic vertebrae are located in the chest region. Below the thoracic vertebrae are lumbar vertebrae. The thoracic vertebrae are12 in total and the lumbar vertebrae are 5 in total. The lumbar vertebrae are located in the lower region of the back. The scrotal vertebrae are five in number and they run starting at the pelvis to where the spinal cord ends.

What are some of the common causes of injuries related to the spinal cord?

Common causes of the injuries include motorcycle and car accidents, trauma, sports injuries, falls, and diseases that affect the spinal cord. If you have been infected, you should seek advice from your doctor immediately to get rid of the diseases.

Can paralysis be caused by neck fracture?

Paralysis will not occur in case the fracture only affects the vertebrae. But if the fracture affects the spinal cord, then you will risk paralysis. A fracture of the vertebrae can be treated after you consult a doctor.

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