Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers New York

Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers New York

Injuries resulting from slips and falls are commonplace and have resulted in insurance companies relinquishing lots of money in settling compensations annually. Injuries resulting from falls may result in untimely deaths. Slips and falls are precipitated by a number of causes including wet floors, construction site defects, and unlit stairwells. If you are a fall and slip casualty and have picked up serious, life-threatening or altering injuries, then you should seek immediate legal redress to ascertain the extent of the injuries and the damages you are entitled to as a result of the negligence of the contractor or the property owner.

For those in New York, Slip and Fall Injury lawyers New York will come in handy. They are well versed with the US personal injury laws and have insurmountable years of experience in dealing with similar cases and therefore making them the best-suited people to represent you. They will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive an attractive compensation package in tandem with the level of suffering and injury that you are currently undergoing.

These attorneys know how to maneuver expertly about the whole issue of personal injuries. They carefully evaluate and examine the circumstances that led to the injury. For example, they consider a number of important factors including negligence on your part, negligence of the property owner or the business as well as unearthing whether there are reports on complaints about the potential hazard before it actually took place. After coming up with a conclusive report, they will be able to represent you fully in a court of law or when negotiating about your compensation with an insurance company.

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An overview of slip and fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be categorized into stairway accidents, sidewalk falls, slippery surface falls, shower falls, bathtub falls, balcony/ terrace falls, etc.

Property owners are obligated by the US laws to ensure that their properties are safe for occupation by those that are called upon to visit or inhabit. Therefore, they are liable for any slip and falls and may be ordered to compensate the injured parties if it can be proven that indeed they were negligent despite the fact that they were knowledgeable about the potential hazard and did nothing about it.

However, the affected party must fully understand that the compensation doesn’t always come that easily. They need to have the backing of knowledgeable and experienced slip and fall attorneys.

Slips and falls emanating from snow and ice

It is with property owners to ensure that snow and ice are removed from all their property to avert the looming danger; slip and fall. The law sets aside a reasonable timeline to get that done

Owners may be held liable for slips and falls caused by unnatural snow and ice buildup. For example, in an instance where ice accumulates on roofs followed by melting then drips off as a result of clogged drains then freezes again on the surface

The role of Reasonable care

A property owner must prove in a court of law that indeed they perfectly played their role of ensuring that their property is clean and safe for occupation. Additionally, the owners must ensure that they understand their property well and are aware of the areas that may pose danger to people and work towards eliminating such potential hazards.

Before an attorney can sufficiently represent you, you need to answer a number of questions: some of those questions pertain to whether a similar incidence has cured before and what factors may have contributed to the accident:

  • For example, an object may have been wrongfully placed and thus led to the accident. Why was the object placed in that location was it removed afterward after it had served its purposes?
  • Another important question to address is whether poor /broken lighting the cause of the accident?
  • Could the object have been placed in an alternative but safer location?
  • Finally, could have poor maintenance on the property may have led to the accident?

If the answers are affirmative, then you have a strong case, and you stand being compensated for your injuries.

Gathering evidence

When gathering evidence, the attorney’s advice that you have photos of the accident scene, the scrapes, cuts, shoes, clothing, etc. and anything that will document the injury.
Have an accident report – when you have an accident at your work department, contact the manager to document your accident report and ensure you have a copy of the same. The manager will prove very invaluable in your case.
Have witnesses-When you slip and fall and there was someone who saw everything, get their full names, address, and their phone number.
Lastly, you are advised to take pictures of the causative factor or item. Whether, it’s a plastic item, a can or fruit, place it safely and use it as evidence.
If you are unable to perform any of the above because of the severity of your injuries, then Tanya Gendelman, P.C. attorneys have a shot at securing crucial information on your behalf. Getting such information after a scene has been cleaned up may be a daunting task but medical records come in handy in documenting your injuries

Fall Down Stairs

Another significant type of fall is falling downstairs. This can be as a result of either broken or defective stair. Owners are obligated by the law to ensure that steps are similar in depth and rise, and the edges are clearly visible. Additionally, they must be debris-free and well lit with handrails on both sides.
Despite the fact that the role of being responsible lies squarely on us, the property owner must equally exhibit reasonable care.

When is a property owner guilty as charged?

For a property owner to be tasked with the responsibility of compensation, it must be proven that they are responsible for the hazardous condition or even caused a spill.
Additionally, they must have been aware of the looming danger but did nothing about it.

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