Common Malpractice Questions

Common Malpractice Questions

1. What does medical malpractice involve?

Sometimes a heath care provider may fail to provide the necessary care to a patient. This in effect can lead the patient to injuries or the patient can die.

2. What does reasonable standard care mean?

This is the average care that a medical provider is supposed to offer in case a patient has consulted him for care on certain symptoms or diseases.

3. How can a case be classified as medical malpractice?

The court will review the case and take into consideration different circumstances that led to the injury of the patient. In case the patient was not subjected to standard conditions due certain symptoms or diseases, the court will declare the medical practitioner negligent hence the medical malpractice case will be filed against him.

4. What are some of the mistakes considered medical malpractice?

You never give out the person before your operation. The doctor misdiagnosed your condition hence treating you of the wrong disease which you are not suffering from.
The operation that you underwent was not performed well.
You encounter a problem which the medical provider should have anticipated for.

5. How can one know if he has a case?

Poor outcome of the surgery does not imply that the surgeon was negligent. There must be steps which will be taken to prove that the bad outcome was due to the failure of the doctor to follow certain standard procedures. Before the doctor can be sued, it must be proved beyond doubt that his or her negligence was the main cause of the death of the person in question. In case you were injured, it must be proved that the injuries really rose from the medical malpractice of the doctor.

6. I had signed a consent form prior to my surgery. Is there a case?

It is a common process for people to sign as consent form before any major operation. But, the doctor should explain everything before he starts to operate you. He should state the necessity of the operation, the effects it will have on your body in case you fail to carry it out and the negative effects that you will expect after the surgery. In case the physician or doctor failed to inform you accordingly on the side effects of the surgery or medical procedure, you will have a case because the consent will be declared invalid.

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