Dog bites and dog bite lawyer New York

Dog bites and dog bite lawyer New York

Every year, a large number of innocent kids and adults are injured seriously or suffer wrongful death due to the reason of dog bite attacks. If you or your special one has suffered from this problem and do not know what to perform, we recommend you to contact an attorney for dog bite injuries immediately.The law companies of Tanya Gendelman P.C. will assist direct you by the required steps and offer you with the guidance and answers you want. Don’t hesitate, you can make a call to 1-718-616-1414, or approach a lawyer for a legal advice.

We understand you have plenty of questions and at now are afraid about the future or about the future of your kid. As dog bite lawyers, we receive a lot of dog bite injury parties and so know the pain and suffering. We are ready to assist you.It is our objective and aims to educate you on what to anticipate when you are suffering from a dog bite injury and what to perform after the dog bite.If you or a special one has suffered from this problem or you have a lot of question to get answers, make a phone call to the law companies of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. today at 1-718-616-1414 or contact the law office.

Safety of the child

Kids are the most often sufferers of dog bites. There are lots of precautions parents can do to promote a child safety from a dog bite. Most necessarily Teach your kids, toddlers, to be cautious while playing with the pets.

They must not

  • Hug or contact a dog from behind
  • Touch the food bowl
  • Pull the pets body
  • Gaze straight to the eyes or
  • Make an attempt to kiss the pet on the face.

Kids must always get permission from a owner prior petting or touching a dog, they must put the hand out first, hence the pet can inhale them.

Another necessary kid safety tip is to teach kids on what to perform if threatened by the dog. Say them to:

  • Stay calm and do not shout
  • Speak firmly and calmly
  • Attempt to remain still till the dog back away or leaves slowly
  • Do not run away or turn away and

If the kid is knocked or falls to the ground, say them to curl in to a ball with the hands on the top of the head and neck, shielding the face.

Our kids are valuable and we want to do the things that are important to promote dog bite kid safety. We do not want to control on whether a pet decides to attack but we can support the kids with the knowledge of what to perform if they come directly with a furious dog.

Dangerous breeds

Based on the centers for disease control, the dangerous dog breeds are

  • Rottweiler’s
  • Pit bulls
  • Huskies
  • German shepherds
  • Alaskan malamutes
  • Chows
  • Doberman pinschers
  • Great Danes
  • Akitas
  • Saint Bernard

Most of the small dog owners neglect the dog’s behavior due to the reason they are little and assume they cannot injure or bite anyone. The reality is, small dogs bite over big dogs.

Even though there is no method to anticipate when a dog will bite people, we suggest considering the following tips.

If a dog has been trained to attack or treated harshly, there may be the chance for a dog to bite people. A dog owner can change any dog into a dangerous one. Most of the times, the owner is liable for the aggression and not the dog or the breed.

If a toddler or infant is left alone with a pet, a dangerous situation can happen. Small kids tend to take hold of dogs without knowing how easily the dog can hurt. Most of the dogs bite to secure themselves from the pain the dog feels and to get the kid to avoid. Ninety-five percent of the kid fatalities happen if a kid is left alone with a pet.

Any dog can be a lovable good pet, even if the dog is considered as dangerous one and has the habit to bite. A good owner will win a pets respect by expressing the love and respect and it does not matter about the breed. You cannot decide, through breed alone, whether it will bite or not.

New York dog bite law

The state of new York contains a bite rule. Under the law, a dog is permitted one mistake, refer, the owner cannot be held liable for the pets the first injury or bite to another unless the dog owner did not know about the actions to control the pet. In the same manner, if the owner was in infringement of different dog laws like needing a leash, the sufferer may contain recourse.The one bite law rule does not let one free bite that contains a tendency to be dangerous. This shows if the dog bite sufferer can prove that the pet contains a dangerous nature and the owner also knew the condition or must have understood the dangerous attitude of the dog, the one bite law rule will not be applicable.

Instances of dangerous propensity are:

  • The dog contains a behavior to snap at people
  • The owner of the dog asked the others to be careful and telling people that his dog will bite
  • The owner always says, people, that his pet is an attack dog
  • The pet wear a muzzle.

Once the responsibility is decided, next is to know more about the owner and the dog like whether the owner has insurance or not. Kinds of insurance policies that usually cover dog bites are

  • Renters insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Landlords insurance includes the occupier, owner and other businesses
  • Insurance covering workers, shielding employees only.

Dog bite statistics

The statistics are surprising and present how normal dog bite injuries are

  • Above 334,000 injured parties admitted in the emergency room
  • Over four million people are bitten by dogs
  • 25percent chained dogs
  • 17 percent of the dogs roaming off the house

Who is attacked?

  • 12 percent elderly
  • 9 percent of 64 years old.

What to perform if attacked?

  • Prevent eye contact
  • Stop running or jogging
  • Command the dog to lie down, or sit
  • If the dog is big, secure the inner body through putting the one leg before the other.
  • Punch the dog in the nose
  • If you see a dog with rabies, immediately call the police.

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