Accident Scene Questions

Accident Scene Questions

Should you stop?

Yes, you should at all times stop. If the accident has involved a parked car, a pedestrian, someone else property or another car that is moving. The law will require you to stop at all times. If you make a mistake and drive away, you will be charged at the court of law for hit and run. You will be fined even if it was not your fault for the accident. In case you hit a parked car, you should look for the driver. In case you cannot find the driver, the law will require you to leave behind your name then drive away. Apart from the name you should leave your address and explanation of the accident. You can then notify the police by telephone or visit them in person.

How can one get help?

You can get a telephone and immediately call 911. You will then be required to explain your situation and inform them about your location. You should state if you will like to get an ambulance or a fire engine. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can flag a passing car and ask them to offer you help. If you are in a location where it is too dark, for example, in a country road where you can hardly access help. You should drive to a safe location them call for help. Some of the safe locations you can drive to include a house with lights on or a gas station from where you can call the police.

What should one do if the accident was his fault?

You should cooperate with the police who will be investigating the scene while sticking to the facts. You should also pay attention to the statement that the other driver will make and record them. You may think you are at the fault, only to realize later the other driver was in fault too.

What if one get a ticket?

You should sign it. A ticket will indicate that you will appear in court if need arises. If you fail to sign the ticket, the police at the scene can decide to arrest you. It is okay to sign the ticket, but you should remember to call New York attorney immediately before paying any fine or appearing in court. The lawyer will advise you on the best way forward.

Is it necessary to report an accident?

Yes, you will have to call the police first for them to investigate the scene. After you arrive home, ensure you call your insurance company and inform them about the accident. You should ask the insurance agents the necessary forms you should fill and let them help you in preparing other reports.

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