Airplane Accident Lawyers

Airplane Accident Lawyers

Airplane and aviation accidents are catastrophic events that often leave a family member deceased, maimed for life, and unable to be employed. The law office of Tanya Gendelman is one of New York’s top aviation and airplane crash firms, with years of experience and a proven winning record that makes our client’s as whole and as satisfied as possible.

The law office of Tanya Gendelman has experienced plane crash lawyers. Two of the firm’s attorneys are Federal Aviation Administration licensed pilots with thousands of hours of flight time logged between the two of them. These attorneys have time behind the yoke of aircraft, which gives them the knowledge and expertise to understand the mechanical aspects of an airplane, aerodynamics and how this relates to pilot error or aircraft malfunction or under-serviced aircraft, knowledge of the proper aspects of flight plans and how a pilot should interact on the ground and in the sky.

Planes are an incredibly safe mode of transportation, with statistics showing that it is more dangerous to drive or walk along a street than it is to fly. But accidents happen. The law office of Tanya Gendelman is prepared to handle all of your needs when an airplane accident occurs and you need an airplane accident, lawyers. We are the leading New York lawyers helping plane crash victims with all of their legal needs. We utilize the premier experts in the United States to ensure your case is properly presented. Our clients have come from regional and national airplane accidents and from international aircraft disasters. We represent international plane crash clients with claims in US courts.

If you have been the victim of an airplane accident or have a loved one that has suffered through a catastrophic airplane crash or have questions about airplane accident lawyers, please give the law office of Tanya Gendelman a call now at 1-718-616-1414 or contact us through the “Contact Us” link on our website.

We are here to help you and your loved ones with every aspect of your case. Many clients are unsure whether they need an airplane accident lawyer to represent them. The law regarding airplane accidents and other aviation crashes is complex and full of obstacles to actually receiving a settlement before trial or judgment in court. Careful selection of the representation you choose for your airplane accident claim is essential. The law office of Tanya Gendelman wishes to give you further information on the many aspects of airplane crash law.

Commercial Airliners

Commercial airlines owe a duty to its passengers to ensure that the flight is completed without any accidents. This duty extends to the aircraft manufacturers, airport operators, and their contractors. Every party is required to follow the regulations enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration and any other applicable laws. When any one of these parties fails to meet their duty, the safety of passengers is at risk.

The law office of Tanya Gendelman has resolved countless regional, national and international claims for airplane accident victims relating to commercial airliners.

Single Engine and Charter Aircraft

As the leading New York lawyer helping charter plane crash victims, the law office of Tanya Gendelman is prepared to fight for you when your charter airplane crashes. A commercial airliner is four times safer than riding in an automobile, but charter aircraft have an accident rate seven times higher than automobiles, and a death rate that is also higher. There are many reasons why charter aircraft or single-engine aircraft crash, with pilot error and weather conditions being the primary reasons.

Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters and other rotorcraft are incredibly useful tools, but they also crash and leave many victims. The men and women serving in the military are often victims of helicopter crashes due to combat, pilot error, weather conditions or incorrect design and manufacturing. Although civilians will typically not be aircraft accident victims as a result of combat, civilian helicopters also fail for many of the same reasons. Helicopters are complex machines that require specific training and a specific license to fly them. Helicopters are often used by law enforcement or emergency medical services, so accidents can occur when a victim is transported by a helicopter.

Plane Crash Causes

Plane crashes are almost always the result of many errors from the pilots down to the design of the aircraft, so airplane accident victims usually have complex claims with multiple sources of liability. Aircraft are designed and built to safely transport passengers through the air. They require regular maintenance which is an incredibly tedious ordeal with many areas of compliance with FAA regulations. Unfortunately, maintenance was overlooked or incorrectly performed, leading to a catastrophic accident.

Here is a list of the most common causes of airplane crashes

  • Bad weather or turbulence
  • Airplane design problems
  • Runway incursions
  • Air traffic controller errors
  • Repair or maintenance mistakes
  • Approach or landing errors
  • Pilot error
  • Engine failure
  • FAA violations

It is expensive and time-consuming to investigate an airplane accident claim. The airplane accident lawyers at the law office of Tanya Gendelman have the experience and knowledge to handle complex plane crash cases and have the resources to keep costs down for their clients.

Common Plane Crash Questions

What is a runway incursion?

A runway incursion is an accident that occurs at an airport, involving an another aircraft, a vehicle, person or another object that the aircraft crashes into. All are hazards that aircraft must be aware of an avoid, but sometimes due to pilot error, air traffic controller error, or ground personnel errors, an accident occurs. Runway incursions range from minor accidents to catastrophic loss.

Who investigates plane crashes?

All plane crashes are not alike and the accidents can involve different investigating agencies. The most common investigators of airplane crashes are the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Transportation Security Administration, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If an airplane accident occurs on foreign soil, the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, or State Department may be involved. In aviation accidents involving military aircraft, the Military Safety Mishap Board will be involved.

What is a wrongful death claim?

A wrongful death claim is a claim brought against an airline or airplane manufacturer or another related entity when your loved one was killed as a result of their negligence. The damages sought in a wrongful death claim are for pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium and future income loss.

Who can be sued?

Airlines, charter airplane operators, independent contractors providing a service for the airplane or the airplane’s owner, the airplane designers and manufacturers, and any other entity that owes a duty of care to airplane passengers.

Airplane manufacturers can be sued for defects in plane design, incorrect assembly of the plane, wrong material choices, defective testing procedures and more.

The FAA can also be sued. The FAA is responsible for enforcing its regulations, and sometimes this duty is breached. Likewise, the FAA is responsible for all air traffic controllers, whom can be incorrectly trained or negligent on the job. The FAA can be sued for the errors of controllers and when it fails to meet its duties.

Helpful Airplane Accident Links

If you or your family has been the victim of an airplane accident, you will often need outside resources to provide assistance. From dealing with the grief and sorrow of the death of a loved one to the mental and physical trauma that can last a lifetime, there are resources for you. Below, we have listed a few of the many online resources for airplane accident victims. These groups exist to give counseling, information, support and other assistance to plane crash victims and their families.

If you have any questions about your airplane accident, call the leading New York lawyers helping plane crash victims of the law office of Tanya Gendelman today at 1-718-616-1414.

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