Why a New York Paralysis Attorney is Vital

Why a New York Paralysis Attorney is Vital

Few things instill more dread among New Yorkers than the possibility of paralysis. Usually, the result of a spinal cord injury, the severity, and duration of paralysis depends largely on the location of the injury. The further up the spine the injury occurs, usually the more extensive the loss of body functions. Cervical spinal cord injuries can completely immobilize the body and sometimes interfere with primary life-sustaining body functions such as breathing. In those cases, dependence on mechanical breathing assistance may become a lifetime reality. These are times when a New York injury attorney can help.

New York Paralysis Lawyers Ensure Fair Compensation

Coping with any type of paralysis often involves extensive treatments and therapies. A person often requires lifestyle adaptions, vocational training, and modifications to living quarters. All of this can be very expensive, and the last thing, a paralysis victim needs is the worry of how to pay for it all because a partial or complete loss of income often occurs. Since in most cases paralysis is a direct result of an accident where somebody else is at fault, there is the strong possibility a New York paralysis lawyer can make sure victims receive adequate compensation.

It is imperative that any New Yorker who has suffered or is in jeopardy of suffering a paralysis consider consulting an attorney in the city. Insurance companies representing whoever is at fault will swiftly do all they can to minimize or even avoid compensation. They are fully aware of expenses that may never even occur to a victim. Without knowing, a person can permanently sign away any hope for compensation to cover all contingencies. With the help of a skilled and experienced legal advocate, this nightmare scenario is avoidable.

Where to Find a New York Paralysis Attorney

There are many ways to locate a New York Paralysis Attorney. Since paralysis victims are usually treated in specialized medical settings, patients and treatment providers may know of an experienced attorney to call. The New York Bar Association and local attorney referral services are also a helpful resource. When searching, it is important to find a lawyer like Tanya Gendelman, Esq. She has extensive experience fighting insurance companies who try to deny paralysis victims fair compensation, and is fully versed in appropriate law and knows of all sorts of helpful resources.

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