Law Offices in Brooklyn NY Working For You

Law Offices in Brooklyn NY Working For You

No matter what type of injury you have received, or how it came about, there are, at your disposal, the best law offices in Brooklyn NY with the right injury attorney, on staff, to represent you. The Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman want to be your front line in your pursuit of justice for any injury you received due to the negligence, carelessness or malice of another person, persons or corporation. We are the accident lawyer of Brooklyn that cares for our clients as if they were family and diligently strive to gain the maximum award for their personal agony. We know the devastation that can be the result of an injury. It is not only from the pain and suffering but from the diminished quality of life and the loss of one’s ability to perform in their chosen field of work.

If you have been injured by any of the following circumstances call an accident lawyer in Brooklyn that is ready to wage an unyielding fight for your cause.

  • Motor vehicle accident – If you were in a Brooklyn car crash call us as soon as you are able. If you were a passenger, a pedestrian, on a bicycle, motorcycle, in a cab or on a bus and you were injured in a crash, do not wait to call to a Brooklyn car accident lawyers.
  • Slip and fall – If you slipped (or tripped) and fell on someone’s property and were injured due to neglect or poor maintenance, you need our law offices in Brooklyn NY working for you.
  • Construction accident – Were you injured due to a construction mishap caused by a carelessly operated piece of equipment or vehicle. Maybe you fell over material left in your path or were struck by a falling object. Get in touch with an injury attorney in Brooklyn at our law offices immediately.
  • Medical Malpractice – Doctor or nurse error, misdiagnosis, prescription error, nursing home neglect or carelessness. As injury attorneys in Brooklyn, we represent all medical care related cases.
  • Public transportation – As your accident lawyer in Brooklyn we will stand up against the Transit Authority, the Port Authority and any private transportation company regardless of size. If you are injured on a bus, train, subway or ferry, we want to speak with you. If it was on the platform, in the terminal, on the dock or anywhere else that should be maintained in a safe manner and was not, resulting in your being hurt, we want to hear from you.

These are only a few of the many areas of personal injury law where we practice. If you were hurt through no fault of your own, let us determine whose fault it was. You could be entitled to a substantial cash award for your case. We are the Law Office in Brooklyn of Tanya Gendelman PC, the ones who care.

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