Discover the Best Law Office in Brooklyn

Discover the Best Law Office in Brooklyn

As gas prices continue to rise, motorcycle sales also increase. More and more, people are turning to driving the smallest vehicles possible to save on fuel. Unfortunately, as a result, the incidence of motorcycles involved in accidents has also increased.

Among traffic collisions, accidents involving motorcycles produce some of the most horrific and debilitating injuries. Often the rider is killed, despite wearing a helmet and protective gear. The body of a motorcycle rider is subject to the impact as it lacks both a restraint system and the protection of an encompassing vehicle.

The Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. and its attorneys are knowledgeable accident attorney Brooklyn with significant experience in the field of motorcycle accident injury recovery. If you or a family member have been injured or a loved one killed as the result of a collision that was someone else’s fault, The Law Offices in Brooklyn NY of Tanya Gendelman are able to help. You are entitled to be compensated by those responsible for the all of the harms that you have suffered or will suffer in the future.

Motorcycle accident cases can be difficult or challenging because of the general public’s negative view of motorcycle riders. Our skilled litigators have strategies for overcoming the prejudices commonly held against riders. Their years of experience have given them the ability to work through negative perceptions and achieve the recovery that you need and deserve.

If the circumstances dictate, our legal team can file a wrongful death action on behalf of the rider’s family. We are compassionate legal professionals that will guide you and your family through this difficult process, maintaining sensitivity to the situation at all times. Although it seems incomprehensible to think of monetary compensation on such an occasion, it is very important to hold those responsible for the accident accountable, particularly with regard to dependent family members.

It is imperative that you contact an accident lawyer in Brooklyn to protect your rights under the law. Please call our law office in Brooklyn at 1-718-616-1414 to schedule an appointment with an attorney from the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P. C.


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