Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

It is likely that hurricane Sandy insurance claims will not be promptly or fully paid. Hurricane Sandy has caused billions of dollars of property damage. It is mostly likely that you will need an attorney to fight an insurance company’s hurricane Sandy appraisal. Hurricane Sandy claims are similar to other storm damage claims but there are some unique differences.

One common strategy used by insurance companies or their adjusters is stating that damage is “flood damage”. Flood damage is typically not covered by standard homeowner’s policies or business interruption policies. It is important that people that have suffered losses realize that just because they are told it is “flood” damage doesn’t necessarily mean that the loss is not covered.

Lawyers at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. have already begun consulting clients to ensure that Hurricane Sandy claims can be handled quickly and efficiently. Anyone in the New York area that has any questions about Hurricane Sandy insurance claims or coverage is encouraged to call:

  • 1-718-616-1414
  • 1-877-937-3885

for a consultation about the process of making an insurance claim and information about how to make sure that a claim is filling fairly and quickly. Telephones are answered 24 hours a day.

Don’t be left out in the cold. Hurricane Sandy insurance claims are going to be huge. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. are handling hurricane claims against insurance companies for claim submission, claim processing, claim denial, claim delay, loss of use of home, property damage, roof damage, loss of use of business, water damage, water damage caused by wind and bad faith claim handling.

If an insurance company does not fulfill their promises to pay fair compensation for damages caused by Hurricane Sandy, then an insured should consult with an experienced hurricane insurance claim attorney, such as the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C.

Once an insurance company makes an offer to settle a Hurricane Sandy claim, an insured is wise to consult with an attorney. Insurance companies will typically change their initial estimates when they realize that an individual or a business has competent legal representation.

most disaster situations, many people get more than their “fair share” of insurance proceeds and others receive less. It is likely that people who have hurricane insurance claim attorneys handle their Hurricane Sandy cases will get more money than people that don’t.

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