What to do In a Hit and Run Accident

What to do In a Hit and Run Accident

Those who need proof that New York police are not enforcing hit and run laws should read a February 15 Goth mist article titled “Here’s why Drivers Get Away with Murder in NYC.” The article’s bottom-line is this: unless a New York pedestrian or bicyclist is killed, any hope for justice is futile. None of the officials could recall charges ever being filed in a non-fatal accident. Even then, of the 241 bicyclists and pedestrians killed in the city last year, only 17 drivers faced criminal charges! The only realistic “official” recourse for victims is to file a police report.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to this bleak outcome. When a driver injures a person and then leaves the scene, the criminal court system may indeed be of no help. In a hit and run accident, however, the driver is subject to civil laws too. What this means is that victims have a powerful ally on their side. Accident attorneys make sure that laws protecting people from being ran over and lefts behind are enforced. These laws need to have some kind of enforcement power to be of any practical use, and accident lawyers are happy to put teeth into otherwise meaningless traffic laws.

Any kind of serious injury can be a life-shattering experience. The added despair of suffering from such human callousness and doubting anxiety whether the perpetrator will ever pay some of the damages from one’s loss. Hit and run accident victims cannot make people behave civilly, but they can and often do make them pay for their irresponsibility. Once the insurance company representing the person who hit and ran gets wind of the accident, they will do all that they can to quickly settle damage amounts that are often grossly unfair to the victim. Good accident attorneys intercede to aggressively protect their clients.

Not only do these lawyers have the means to stop cheap settlement offers. Many of them boast well over a 90% success rate. In other words, an attorney such as Tanya Gendelman, Esq., almost always wins for their clients. People who are victimized by a hit and run accident in New York find much greater peace of mind than those who rely solely on law enforcement for justice. They enjoy the added benefit of having money to pay medical bills and to survive periods of disability. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that officialdom can only gum on this major, citywide problem, while civil lawsuits give the law some sharp teeth.


Hit and Run Accidents

Accidents happen; it is more or less inevitable. However hit and run accident attorneys do not come into play just because an unfortunate event has occurred between multiple parties and their vehicles.

Most laws require that those involved in vehicular accidents stop at a safe distance and do their best to render aid to any persons that might have been injured in the accident.

It becomes the business of hit and run accident attorneys when one is involved in an accident, slams into another car, knocks down an innocent pedestrian and simply drives off. Such actions are against the law in all states.

Who is charged with Hit and Run?

Because the idea of Hit and Run is to reign in those individuals that cause accidents and flee the scene, it is common to presume that hit and run charges will rationally fall at the feet of those responsible for causing the accident.

This is not true; anyone that is involved in an accident and not only flees the scene but fails to provide aid to the injured party can be charged with a hit and run, whether they caused the accident or not.

As most hit and run accident attorneys will stress, the law requires that anyone involved in an automobile accident not only provide aid where necessary but avail their contact information and statement to the authorities, only departing after the police has arrived.

What to do in the case of an accident?

Hit and run accident attorneys will usually enter the picture because of a failure by the involved parties to act properly as required by the law. When involved in a hit and run accident, it is essential that you await the arrival of the police.

You will need to provide law enforcement with all the necessary details to create a picture about what happened; it will then become imperative that you acquire the information of every other party that was involved in the accident, this including the addresses of witnesses. If possible take pictures of the scene, take the time to describe the accident in writing, contact you insurance company and then seek out the assistance of a hit and run accident attorney.

Hit and Run Accident Attorney

A hit and run accident attorney is an essential life line during trying times such as these; it is through a hit and run accident attorney that one can hope to acquire compensation for damages sustained, physically, mentally and the destruction of any property involved.

This is the role the information an accident victim collects at the scene plays; it provides hit and run accident attorneys the tools they need to investigate the incident and find enough proof of fault to warranty compensation.

Finding the right hit and Run Accident Attorney

One’s choice of a hit and run accident attorney will play a crucial role in the success or failure they encounter in their attempts to acquire compensation. The right hit and run accident attorney will specialize in this field, boast considerable experience with regards to automobile accidents and avail a record proving the efficacy of his skills in attaining victory within this arena.

Referrals are the best means through which to locate the best hit and run accident attorney, utilizing reviews to filter the options.

A hit and run accident need not end one’s world, not with the right attorney to right the wrong.

How To Select The Best Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

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