What to Do After a New York Car Accident

What to Do After a New York Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident there are several things that need to be done immediately following. This is all-important before you contact a New York car accident attorney.

  • Call 911 immediately. When the dispatcher answers tell them exactly where you are and if there are any injuries. They will dispatch the police and EMS to the scene.
  • Help out all who need you. Help people to get out of their vehicles, and to a safe place. If on a highway always get to the area ahead of the accident and away from oncoming traffic. Do not move the vehicles unless a hazard is created. Attend to any injured persons but do not move them unless they are in a life threatening situation like a burning vehicle or one that risks being struck again as on a darkened high speed road.
  • Exchange information with all involved in or who witnessed the mishap including bystanders and other drivers who stopped but were not directly involved. Never make a statement to anyone other than the police officer making the report. Anything you say to the other parties could prove harmful to your case. Even an apology can sound like an admission of fault.
  • Seek medical attention. Do not wait to seek medical attention even if you feel that your injuries are slight. Many serious injuries including brain and spinal injuries. Only a doctor can diagnose asymptomatic injuries. Also a record of medical attention immediately following the accident is proof that the injury was not received at a later date.
  • Do not give a statement to any investigator from an insurance company no matter how much they say that they have your interest at heart. They do not.

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After all of the above has been done the next step is paramount to your case. Hire a New York accident attorney from the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC. We are highly experienced and have won many large cash settlements for victims of motor vehicle accidents. We will provide a free consultation at our offices, at your home or even in your hospital room. Do not wait as facts can quickly grow clouded and witnesses become reluctant. Timing is important in any personal injury case and New York car accidents are no different.


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