Accident Attorney Queens

Accident Attorney Queens

Accidents happen in every borough of New York City. Most are minor, while others seriously hurt or kill people. Some people will say, “it’s an accident, they happen and it couldn’t be helped.” They are dead wrong, sometimes literally so. Accidents almost always happen because somebody made a mistake. When an accident occurs out of the negligence of others and somebody is seriously injured or killed in the Borough, the victim should consult with an accident attorney in Queens. Otherwise, not consulting one can have seriously negative consequences.

What kind of accident victims will attorneys help in Queens?

There are all kinds of ways to get hurt in the Queens, but some are more common. By far and not surprisingly, automobile accidents injure and kill more people in Queens than any other type of calamity. Personal injury attorneys know that when car wrecks happen, like any other mishap, somebody is always at fault. When the person not at fault is seriously injured, they are the prime candidates for a consult with a car accident attorney in Queens. It is crucial that person sees an attorney quickly.

Motorcycle accidents especially cause serious injury and deaths to Queens’ residents. These types of accidents are more frequently the result of somebody other than the biker. Drivers often don’t take the extra time sometimes needed to see a motorcycle coming, and pull right out in front of the motorcyclist. Bus accidents happen in Queens more frequently than many people realize. Buses are big and injuries are often very severe. The bus driver, and thus whom they drive for, is often at fault. Other typical ways people get hurt in Queens through no fault of their own is from construction and taxi accidents, industrial accidents and from falls that result from shoddy walkways. In any situation where there is a serious injury through no fault of the victim, a personal injury lawyer should be consulted.

Why is it important to consult with an accident attorney in Queens?

People who suffer major injuries from any of these and other accidents in Queens often incur astronomical medical expenses. Even when they have their own insurance policy, if the injuries resulted from accident claims for these horrendous expenses are usually limited and even denied. Without insurance coverage, the average person is financially wiped out. On top of that, income reduction or loss happens because of the inability to work. The insurance company representing the person at fault will never help enough unless forced to. That is exactly why it is critical to contact an accident attorney in New York like Tanya Gendelman, Esq. as soon as possible.


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