Pedestrian accidents are very common in the busy streets of the New York City and they result to high numbers of injuries and some deaths. Many road accidents result in serious injuries, disabilities (permanent or temporary) and others to death in New York. These injuries may leave the victims in need of long-term medical care.

The common cause of pedestrian accidents

  • Drivers’ distraction- Some drive while texting or calling, others may be distracted by radios or other digital devices like GPS.
  • Some drivers may fail to yield to the pedestrian crosswalks leading to multiple injuries on the scene of the accidents.
  • Drivers driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol- They tend to have impaired judgment and sight.
  • Over speeding and making it difficult to make the stops when necessary.

Drivers running the stop signs or light

When the pedestrian suffers such injuries that will lead to financial concerns and other undesired effects, it is reasonable to file a lawsuit against the responsible party or in cases of minor injuries the victim may agree to settle. It becomes hard to pursue a court action or the settlement without the help of a well-qualified attorney. A pedestrian will need the assistance of a pedestrian accident lawyer in the New York City.

Factors to consider while hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer

One will consider whether to hire a large firm, hire a small firm or an independent attorney. Value the advantages of hiring each (consider the fee of each, reputation, experience, your comfort) and chose one that outweighs all in your favor.

Consider the experience of the of the pedestrian accident lawyer. The lawyers you chose should have vast experience and knowledge to handle your case. They should have handled such a case and won in court. Consider the duration they have operated in this industry since it is proportional to getting the well-desired results. Choose the lawyers that have a long standing career since they are bound to have more experience, reputable and have covered many accidents and they will handle your case with much ease.

Consider the fee and the mode of payment. Different lawyers will set different modes of payment at different levels. Some may require payment upfront independent of whether you win or lose while others will require payment after you receive the settlement in most cases a percentage of the settlement. Chose a lawyer that meets your budget needs in order to get most out of it.

Consider the reputation of the lawyer. Ensure that you check their background to get the facts, consult with people who have used their services before and get the relevant information to help get make an informed decision.

Pedestrian accident lawyer has an understanding on the New York City traffic and road rules and regulation. They know the way to study how the accident occurred. They analyze what happened and determine the liable party. They will offer the necessary representation in court after filing a lawsuit, check the case and keep you informed of the proceedings, check with the witness to determine which party to put the blame on, they will also gather evidence to boost your claim against the responsible party.

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