How and When to Find the Best Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn

How and When to Find the Best Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn

If you are in an unfortunate mishap involving a car, or any other motor vehicle, in Brooklyn you need to find the best car accident lawyer in Brooklyn to handle your case. Even if you feel that you have not been seriously injured, you need to protect yourself from litigation by the other driver. Even if it was not your fault, the other party may try to distort facts to make it appear that way. Do not speak with anyone involved at the time.

You may also have received injuries that could become apparent in the future or get progressively worse. That is why it is also important to seek medical attention immediately following an accident regardless of how minor it may appear at the time. Severe headaches, back pain, neck pain, loss of sleep due to post-trauma are all signs that can appear days, weeks or even months following an accident. Be prepared by having a Brooklyn accident attorney.

Once you have been involved in an accident you can expect the following to take place. The police will take a statement as to what happened, from all parties involved. They will ask if you want medical attention if it is not already apparent that you do. Take the medical attention as it validates your injury claim should there be one. After you are home or convalescing in the hospital you may get a call or visit from an investigator from your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company. Regardless of how cordial and helpful they may appear, refer them to your car accident attorney in Brooklyn. Do not volunteer any information. Their job is to save their company money first. Your own insurance company is required to pay your medical bills prior to fault determination. That fact alone will make them try to evaluate their chances of recovery by what you tell them. Let them get the facts only from the police, the doctors and your accident lawyer in Brooklyn.

How to find the best Brooklyn Injury Attorney that will work the hardest to get you the settlement you deserve, does not have to be difficult. Try to avoid choosing a law firm only because of their displaying the biggest ad in the yellow pages. They are often, but not always, huge and impersonal firms employing countless attorneys with varying degrees of experience. Look for a law firm with a proven success record handling your type of case that has a reputation for personalized service. Once you have narrowed the field, you will certainly discover the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC.

Reflected in any attorney from her firm that is assigned to your case. Do not wait until the investigators from the insurance company are on the phone or at your bedside. Call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman today for a free consultation.

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