When to call an accident attorney Brooklyn

When to call an accident attorney Brooklyn

If you are involved in a Brooklyn motor vehicle accident, even if you were a passenger, pedestrian or riding a bike, call an accident attorney Brooklyn only after you have completed the following steps. First, call 911 to ensure that help is on the way. Then tend to anyone that needs help, by getting them to a safe spot if they are in danger and applying first aid if qualified. If they are injured and not mobile do not move them unless they are in harm’s way. Do not speak about the cause or fault regarding the event to anyone. Then use your cell phone to take many pictures of the accident scene and road conditions. Gather names of any witnesses. When help arrives seek medical attention even if you feel that your injuries are minor or you were not even injured. Adrenaline and shock can both mask pain and some injuries, especially serious head trauma, internal injuries and spinal damage may not be apparent right away. Only a medical professional can determine injuries that are symptomless. By seeking medical attention you have also date stamped any injuries that you may have received. Insurance companies will often try to prove an injury was not a result of the accident but occurred later.

After you have followed all of the steps that are mentioned previously, is when you should call a good accident lawyer in Brooklyn. The attorney will investigate every detail of the accident and even any events leading up to it. The savvy car accident attorney Brooklyn will depose witnesses, check the driving records of the driver or drivers involved, and verify weather conditions at the time. The accident attorney with New York City police experience will know that there are often conflicting stories in the police reports and will find the true cause of the crash. They are aware that everyone involved. Refer all questions regarding the accident to your Brooklyn accident attorney. Do not speak to any insurance company investigators. They are on the side of the insurance company regardless of how compassionate they may sound.

When you are looking for a skilled Brooklyn accident lawyer the task is a simple one. All you need to know is to call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC. They have the team lawyers who have a proven track record in reaching the highest settlements for clients in Brooklyn. Their painstaking and thorough investigation process will get all the facts to the surface. Their courtroom experience will use those pertinent facts to prove their case and their persuasiveness will move the jury. In many cases, however, the attorney’s mediation skills will lead to a settlement without the need for a long and costly courtroom trial.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle accident be sure to call the law offices with the tenacious attorneys that will fight for the cash award that you deserve. Call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC today!

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