Accident Attorney Bronx

Accident Attorney Bronx

Most everybody has heard the expression “accidents happen,” and indeed, they do in every borough of the City. They happen every day, some minor, others tragic and terrible. Often, accidents occur out of one’s own negligence while others are the fault of somebody else. When they occur in the Bronx, and major injuries ensue, that’s the time to call on the services of an accident attorney in the Bronx. Not consulting one under these circumstances can have seriously negative ramifications.

With what types of accidents do attorneys in the Bronx work?

The short answer is an accident attorney in the Bronx will be more than happy to talk to anybody who is involved in an accident, was not at fault and have suffered some sort of major injury. The types of accidents that meet these criteria would make for a long list, but some are more frequent than others. The most common type is an automobile accident; a daily occurrence in the Bronx. A person who is hurt in an auto accident through no fault of their own would likely benefit from consulting with a car accident attorney in the Bronx.

Motorcycle accidents in the Bronx are a common source of injury too and are usually the fault of somebody else. For some reason, people do not see the biker coming, misjudge the distance, or simply assume the biker will yield the right-of-way. In the Bronx, bus accidents happen frequently too. In these types of accidents, the bus driver is often at fault. Construction and taxi accidents are common and industrial accidents injure workers every day. It is important to reiterate that any accident involving a serious injury and that is the fault of someone else warrants a consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Why is it important to consult with an accident attorney in the Bronx?

When an accident occurs and somebody is seriously injured, the responsible party generally informs their insurance carrier as soon as they can. This can be a major disadvantage to the victim. Insurance companies are experts in doing what they can to avoid a claim or minimizing compensation settlements. Without an advocate on their side, the victim must trust their fate to whatever the insurance company dictates. An accident attorney in New York makes sure this scenario doesn’t happen. Better yet, they ensure that the Bronx accident victims receive the just compensation due them.


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