One Person Killed and Two others left with Severe Head Injuries in a Car Accident in New York

One Person Killed and Two others left with Severe Head Injuries in a Car Accident in New York

A Car Crash Kills One Person and leaves two others with Severe Head Injuries in New York

Auto Accidents or vehicle accidents can be very traumatic to the victims especially when the cause of the accident is somebody else’s fault. When you are a victim of a car accident you will definitely have the shock of the accident incident and additionally, you may be left with fatal personal injuries and destroyed or damaged a vehicle. Wrongful death is the ultimate result any auto accident. For instance, a man was killed and two other people sustained severe injuries in a 2-car rear end crash involving a drunk driver in New York. The driver was charged with vehicular homicide, alongside other traffic offenses. According to police reports, the man was identified as Rory Curtis aged 72 years was driving a Mercedes Benz on Solley road. The police officers who responded to the scene reported that the man was found dead on the scene. The other two people who were in an SUV had severe head injuries. The two victims were identified as Kevin and Molly both from Winona. Rory had minor personal injuries and was suspected of being drunk before being arrested. An alcohol breath test was done to the suspect before being confirmed leading to legal charges.

Two People Killed in a Car Crash in Brooklyn

In another incident witnessed in Brooklyn killed two people after an accident involving two vehicles.According to eye witnesses, the accident impact was so severe and one of the cars ended up splitting in half after it hit a utility pole. According to the reports from police, the two victims who died instantly were traveling in a Nissan Maxima that was heading south in Marine Park. The Nissan vehicle hit a BMW that was coming from Flatbush Avenue as per the police reports. according to a video retrieved from surveillance cameras which had captured the crash the Maxima vehicle was going at a higher speed than the other cars before the accident occurred. An investigation is still underway to clearly determine which car had the right to pass and clearly determine who was responsible for the accident

Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved ones get involved in an auto accident where the cause is another person’s fault, you are legally entitled to compensation. However, the process of acquiring the compensation for all medical expenses and other damages from the accident requires skills and experience on the entire legal process. This is because many insurance companies tend to pay less than what the victim is worth. Therefore, for maximum compensation through a legal settlement process, you require help from auto accident lawyers and professionals. The lawyers have the required experience and knowledge regarding a legal settlement and compensation process. These professionals will give you the right guidance and help to go through the legal settlement process to ensure a successful maximum compensation for your losses. Additionally, compensation for suffering and pain may not be recognized by the responsible parties but with the help of auto accident lawyers, you are guaranteed to get the maximum compensation in all the aspects regarding the car accident.

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