December Car Accident Cases for the Car Accident Attorney NY

December Car Accident Cases for the Car Accident Attorney NY

There is no mention of formal charges in any of these cases, but a car accident attorney NY may find it useful to look into them.

Hit and Run provides useful clue for Police

On the first of December 2014, at around noon, an accident occurred between a Mercury Sedan and a parked Nissan SUV. The accident itself was rather minor since the driver of the Sedan got out of his car and fled the scene. The front bumper of the Sedan had fallen off the vehicle a ways from the incident site, however, leaving its number plate in plain view. Police are working to find the driver using the license plate left behind.

Strange Brooklyn Accident

A bizarre accident occurred in Brooklyn on New York Avenue between President and Union at around 8am on Sunday the 14th of December last year. Witness statements claim that they heard a loud bang and on going to investigate, found one car, a Nissan Maxima Sedan perched across the side of the other, a Honda Fit Compact. There were no serious injuries involved in this particular accident. The driver of the Honda was not around since the car was parked and the driver of the Nissan Maxima crawled safely out of his car. Rescue teams arrived on the scene and attempted to remove the Nissan Maxima from where it was perched.

Consecutive Bochur Accidents

Two consecutive accidents involving Bochurs occurred on the 29th and 30th of December respectively. The first occurred on the intersection between Empire Boulevard and Albany Avenue. That fateful afternoon, a Jewish teenager and his brother attempted to cross a busy street when the pedestrian crossing sign was red. The boy’s brother was narrowly missed while the by himself was hit by a pick-up truck and launched forward a few feet. Miraculously, he survived and managed to get up again and limp over to the sidewalk at the other side of the intersection according to camera footage. While the boy himself was not seriously injured, he was taken to Kings County Hospital for treatment and observation.

The second accident occurred the next day in the evening in front of 770 East Parkway and involved another Jewish teenager crossing the road illegally. This young man also managed to walk away with minor injuries. He attempted to cross the busy thoroughfare a few hundred feet from the designated crosswalk and was hit by a minivan. He too was admitted at the Kings County hospital for his injuries. Both are lucky to have survived such serious accidents with only minor injuries. Both of these cases point to recklessness of pedestrians while crossing the road and should be taken as an example to others.

Serious Accident Leaves One Driver Hospitalized and the Other in Grave Condition

Two drivers collided in a serious accident at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Quentin Road. One of the drivers, a 37 year old man, got out of his car as it burst into flames. Witnesses say than the man was on fire but walking in something of a daze. He was immediately rushed by paramedics to the Staten Island University Medical Centre having sustained severe burns. The doctors said he was in grave condition. The other driver was taken to the Lutheran Medical Centre in stable condition.

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