Children injury attorney firm in New York City

Children injury attorney firm in New York City

A harmed child can greatly worry a parent. Unfortunately, too many parents have to face the horrible reality of learning about a child’s injury that could have been prevented. The children injury attorney firm in New York City has extensive years of experience in representing parents that have to face children injury situations. They can work on behalf of parents in order to pursue a favorable result after identifying the liable party.

Seek legal help in case of children injury

It is advisable to contact the New York City children injury attorney firm in a case that your child has suffered harm at school or in a motor vehicle accident. The claim lawyers can start aggressive legal advocacy on your behalf in order to help you and your child get fair compensation.

The New York City attorneys know how devastating injuries to children are for their loved ones, siblings, and parents. They know very well how important is to seek fair compensation in order to get counseling for emotional trauma, address scarring, eventually pay for cosmetic surgery and pay for the needs of extra care in addition to the basic treatment.

In catastrophic child injury cases, the firm works with life care planners and rehabilitation experts who specialize in forecasting the costs for special needs such as adaptive equipment. The children injury attorney firm offers free initial consultations in order to discuss the type of injury case. Whether your child has been injured on a sidewalk or street, at school, while in the care of a neighbor or nanny, or elsewhere, please call us for help in pursuing your legal rights.

Types of legal services provided

The accident lawyer specialized in child injury in New York City can offer various services. Depending on the type of injury or accident, these legal counsel services include:

Defective and dangerous children’s products

In case that your child is made ill or injured by a defective child’s product, it is advisable to seek injury compensation from the product distributor or the manufacturer of the defective product. Product liability attorneys can handle various claims involving dangerous and defective cribs, formula, toys, car seats, and other children’s products. Our New York City accident lawyer knows how devastating for parents is to have their child injured by a defective product. Seeking fair compensation can help addressing the rehabilitation of the injured child.

Lead poisoning injuries

Children exposed to older cribs, housing objects, and furniture could suffer lead poisoning injuries. Our attorney firm is experienced in handling cases of children’s toxic lead poisoning. We will strive to help you get the maximum compensation for your child’s illness or injury.

Day care and school injuries

Attending day care or school should not be dangerous. Unfortunately, failure to conduct background checks, lack of supervision, and inadequate security at some places can lead to your child’s serious injury. Our injuries and accident lawyer is experienced in handling day care and school injuries cases involving neglects, abuse, accidents and sexual misconduct.

Motor vehicle accidents

Among children in New York City, pedestrian and car accidents are, unfortunately, among the leading causes of serious injury and death. Our experienced accident lawyer can help you get fair compensation in case of child’s motor vehicle accident.

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