Car accidents in Brooklyn, NY – a worrying trend

Car accidents in Brooklyn, NY – a worrying trend

Over the last few months, there have been numerous reports of car accidents happening in and around Brooklyn. Police attribute these cases to a rising degree of carelessness among both pedestrians and motorists. However, the Brooklyn police department is keen to add that in most cases, the motorists have been on the wrong end of the law. The police department has planned a series of operations whose intention is to rid the roads of reckless and unqualified drivers and ensure that overall car accident rates reduce. Experts advise any resident who suffers injuries in accidents to get in touch with car accident lawyer Brooklyn.

Last month, a car accident in fort Greene left several people with fatal injuries. In this accident, which occurred in Lafayette Avenue, several cars were involved. It all started when the driver of an SUV ran a red light, hitting a smart car driving on the other side of the road. In bizarre turn of events, the SUV then smashed into four other cars before finally hitting a motorcycle. A total of 6 cars were involved in the accident. According to the police in Fort Greene, the impact of the collision was a lot less serious than it usually is in accidents of this scope.

The accident referenced above is one of the latest occurrences in a worrying trend that has continued to claim lives and cause fatal injuries to residents in Brooklyn. Initiatives to educate passengers and motorists about road safety have always been in place but in this instance, they do not seem to be paying off. The residents point a finger to the police for failing to rein in motorists while the motorists feel hard done because most pedestrians do not seem to pay much attention to precautions when crossing roads. Interestingly, most of the accidents happening do not involve pedestrians at all. It is therefore clear that the lapse in most cases is on the side of motorists, who at the moment have denied responsibility for that blame.

In the Lafayette avenue accident, a 29-year old man and a 35-year old woman were admitted to the New York Methodist hospital. These two individuals suffered injuries as the victims of a secondary collision between the vehicles hit by the SUV. According to the police, the driver of the smart car did not suffer any visible injuries and was allowed to proceed home after a period of questioning by detectives and road safety officials. A few others were evaluated for shock and allowed to proceed with their journeys.

It was not immediately clear whether the injured are going to push for court hearings or out of court compensation for the losses and injuries suffered in this particular accident. One of the victims stated that she wishes to seek the help of a car accident lawyer Brooklyn in due time. Whatever happens, this particular accident has served as an awakening for the residents of Brooklyn when it comes to road safety. The police have promised stricter rules and tighter dragnets in the near future.

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